Friday, November 9, 2007

Worthwhile extravagance

You might think from reading my “parasite” post that I’m a complete cheapskate who spends her life at yard sales and dollar stores. I do spend an inordinate amount of time looking for bargains at various locations. However, I do endorse a few lovely little luxuries. Yes, they cost more than I like to spend; and yes, they are worth it.

I’ve been reminded of one of those worthwhile luxuries in the past days, because my down comforter came out of hiding for the cold winter months. I’d forgotten how delightful it is to curl up under a down comforter. Todd described it as a perfect nest. It’s lightweight, it accepts and then returns your body’s warmth, it even has a nice crisp sound to it when you shake it out. The same can be said of high thread counts in the world of sheets; as soon as you surpass 300 threads per square inch of fabric, the sheets just get smoother and silkier—and never in that cheap, polyester silky way. The high thread counts wear better, too.

Some other household luxuries? Well, we were blessed with an All Clad connection (cooking aficionados and/or Emeril fans will recognize the cookware name). One of our in-laws has a father who used to work there, and that employment history has brought us gifts of some nice, heavy pots and pans that I use every day. May I simply say that All Clad rocks. I fully expect to still be cooking up meals in these pieces when I’m an old lady, assuming I make it that far. Food just turns out better when it’s prepared in quality pieces, and this brand is made to last a lifetime.

I could go on and on about luxuries in the kitchen: real sea salt, Madagascar vanilla extract, a French coffee press instead of an automatic drip machine, rich dark chocolate (Lindt offers some reasonably priced indulgences)… You get the idea.

Other small luxuries? My real Irish fisherman’s sweater comes to mind (I found it at a second-hand shop years ago, of course). A bigger luxury that Todd and I both appreciate is the Mac we purchased instead of a PC (worth every penny). If he were by my side right now, Todd would probably offer up the luxury of high-quality outergear and/or sporting equipment; he’s likely searching for some excellent hunting clothes as I write this. Something I wish I’d splurged on? The cordless phone. The one I bought instead will serve the purpose, but just barely…

How about you? What everyday extravagance can improve your mood in an instant? Share with a comment—then we all can treat ourselves or our families in small but sure ways!


Anonymous said... would rather spend the extra for real leather. :)

Anonymous said...


UnderArmour now makes a full line of hunting clothes, they are the Lexus of outdoor gear. I was just looking at a $400.00 coat, 250.00 pants and $140.00 underwear online. Man, are they nice, but what the heck are these things made of that costs so much? TL

Mel said...

Ahhhhh, leather--a must. Especially for stinky-footed people such as me. Not that it's a problem for anonymous, of course... ; )

And other anonymous, a.k.a. hubby, those clothes are made of chain mail that's been handcrafted in the Netherlands. Or, maybe not. Either way? Please don't look for that coat under the Christmas tree... Sorry, love.

chris h. said...

I'm a little depressed I can't point to more "luxuries"! (Why am I denying myself?) Here are a few:

Can't live without my Tazo Green Ginger at twice as much as other perfectly fine tea.

I buy a certain kind of markers because they come in fun colors and help me think better.

I buy the cereal I like WHETHER IT'S ON SALE OR NOT!

I buy a lot of trinkets (dishes, china, pictures, pottery) on eBay -- just 'cause they're pretty.


Mel said...

chris! I LOVE Tazo too! But I get the Tazo Zen (a different green tea blend). worth it. I try to get it on sale, but...

I do recall you have lots of lovely breakables. If I weren't such a klutz, I'd have more myself. You just treat yourself, girl!

chris h. said...

Yep, I have the Tazo Zen right next to my Green Ginger -- my second favorite to fit a certain mood... Great minds!