Thursday, September 25, 2008

In homage to the Honeycrisp*

Among all apples, thy allure
Must surely be a thing of lore;
Thy rosy and explosive flesh—
With every palate, it doth mesh.
Such juicy sweetness ‘twas not real
Until my teeth did crunch through peel
And taste of Eden’s finest fruit.
Is it the best? Such quest is moot.

* Many thanks to Dave Q, apple master and the one who introduced me to this delicacy


Cindy Steinhauser said...

and where dost thou findest this delicacy?

Mel said...

at most Giant Eagle stores, right now! make haste! OR make a treck to Soergel's Orchards in Wexford, but call first to make certain they offer the much-sought Honeycrisp...

Mel said...

oops. I mean "trek."

I are an English major, yes indeedy.

chris h. said...

I made a point to go to GE just to buy some of these (most expensive apples I ever bought) -- but you (and David Q.) are right -- impossibly sweet and tangy at the same time. Great crunch and snap when you bite into it. Yummy. Thanks for the tip.

Mel said...

glad you liked 'em! it's a short-lived pleasure, so it's okay to splurge--no danger of a long-term commitment. : )