Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Didja cast your ballet yet? When're you gonna?!

This is IMPORTANT, people. Our beloved country is hanging on a cliff by some mere roots. Remember freedom? Remember innovation and pride and self-sustenance? Remember those founding fathers of ours, distant and recent, who went to great, great lengths to set up this whole Republic? (And it IS a republic, not a democracy. They said so.)

Go speak in the booth; thus begins the process. There's a Republican in Ted Kennedy's seat!!! Anything is possible! ANYTHING! It is our country and those tax party-ers are not an insane minority. They're a lot like you and me and they believe in working for what you've got, not sitting on your perfectly capable can and reaching out a hand for the handout.

Think of this as practice for November, when the REAL shakedown occurs.

If you need help remembering the choices in parties, go here (and I apologize for the no-live-links—for some reason I'm having trouble inserting them this morning! I think it's a Google conspiracy!)


And if you need some suggestions, go here:


(I like the Trib. PPG be damned, they're just not on my side. They can be BOUGHT. But the Trib? It has wonderful opinion pieces and it's not afraid to ruffle some feathers; it's more of what true journalism used to look like.)

OK, let's see what happens today. I'm starting to feel excited. And hopeful: because real hope does exist in independence and accomplishment—not socialism.


Facie said...

I was number 67, I think, around 3 this afternoon. I was the 15th or 16th Republican, much to the dismay of those who wanted to hand me papers with their candidates' names.

This time, much like the primary in 2008, found the people searching endlessly for my name, under the Democrats, even though I said I was a Republican (again, really a Libertarian, but I have covered this before).

chris h. said...

I am registered Independent so not allowed to vote in Primaries, but I've been thinking of changing that, even though it would pain me to do so. I am appreciative, though, of the registered Democrats who have seen to it that Arlen Specter will no longer be representing me in Washington -- I mean NOT representing me in Washington. Here's to some REAL hope and change. (YES WE CAN take back our country.)

Athelas63 said...

Actually Chris, you could have voted in the special election to replace Murtha. Everyone was allowed since it was a special one. Burns and Critz will have to re-run in November.

chris h. said...

Athelas63 -- I'm not in Murtha's district (though I wish I could have voted in that race).