Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Game changer

Knowing how these extended holiday weekends shake out (very busy, lots of running and distractions), I thought I'd better jump on here now. Better early than absent, eh?

Everybody thinks Christmas is the big Christian holy day. But Christmas means nothing without the climax of the resurrection.

Don't let Easter Sunday slip by without watching this.

(I haven't a clue who's behind it—just stumbled upon it, and consequently was lifted and encouraged.)

Happy Easter to you!


Facie said...

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing it.

Easter is the one time of year when most years I spend five days in a row at church with various services and masses. Few things are more moving than the Easter vigil mass. Because even though I may have a shaky faith, seeing people who have examined their own faith and decided to go on a journey (months of religions classes) that ultimately leads them to becoming Catholic that night before the Resurrection is pretty amazing when you think about it. I am not sure if other Christian religions do anything like that. But I can tell you those two to three hours do not seem long at all.

Blessings to and on you, my friend.

Mel said...

Thanks, Facie! I think that becoming Catholic is a more arduous process, from what I understand--but probably any proclamation of Christian faith requires some education and soul-searching, documented or no. That's cool that they become Catholic on that particular evening--extra meaningful. It is an amazing thing to witness, and very touching. I felt that way at the last baptism we attended--wrote about it. And oddly enough, the Easter message at our church addressed how you cannot have doubts about a belief system you haven't already accepted! Doubts are normal, I believe. The cool thing was that it was our pastor's first message after suffering a major heart attack--in the emergency room at AGH, where the Holy Spirit prompted him to go. I don't believe in coincidences any more--no doubt about that!