Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Our family

We had a sweet moment here, earlier this evening. Todd was home from work, we’d finished eating dinner, and the “boys” were wrestling around being silly on the floor. Marcus was getting tickled, mostly, and I was watching from the safety of the club chair. When the tickling became a bit much to bear, the boy ran to the chair and piled in with me for protection.

Of course, we simply changed the method of torture, and both of us began kissing him relentlessly instead of tickling. We were all snuggled up in a few shared square feet, like warm fuzzy critters, and Marcus said through giggles, “This is our family.” And then, without missing a beat, he reminded his dad, “Daddy, that’s enough.” Tickling or kissing, I’m not sure which—but regardless, it was a priceless treasure of a moment.

See, that’s the stuff that keeps us going through the tough times, the weekends spent in and out of corners, the belligerence... A poignant statement about family, uttered by a 2 ½ year old—that’s a powerful thing.

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