Monday, October 1, 2007

Take me out to the show

Sadly, there have been some technical difficulties with the photos taken at the Pirates baseball game we attended on Friday. So, these Marcus quotes from game night will have to suffice. See if you can picture him there as you read:

“I want chips.”
This was spoken—repeatedly—as we threaded our way, overflowing nacho container precariously in hand, through people and up many steps and then back where we’d been (we had missed the entrance to the section where the seats were) and down more steps to our seats. By the time we were seated, he'd forgotten about the chips.

“I want some French fries.”
This was spoken after he’d stuffed himself with countless chips. He still had tortilla chip crumbs wafting from his lips as he made the request. (No, he did not get fries. The food at that park is darned expensive.)

“What’s AAAAHHHHTTTT? Look, Mama, a jeep!”
The object that brought this admiration was actually a little Pirates golf cart that scooted around the perimeter of the outfield.

“There’s the parrot parrot!”
This one’s a no-brainer if you’re a Pittsburgher—the Pirate parrot, of course. Marcus adored the parrot, his antics, the hot dogs he shot high into the sky, his dancing…all of it. The pierogi race was interesting, too—but Marcus had never heard of a pierogi until that night. He’s heard of a parrot.

“It’s time to go inside.”
He began uttering this, every couple of minutes, after the 7th inning had begun. Frankly, I was impressed that he’d made it that far; we hung in for the 7th inning stretch (which perplexed him) and then made our way out of the park.

“This is a big hill!”
There’s a giant circular ramp on one corner of the stadium, and that was the exit path we chose. He loved it. To punctuate its greatness, the ramp ended with a giant escalator.

“Is Willie Parker a baseball player?”
He asked this as we drove home. I had to explain the difference between baseball and football (hopefully you know that Parker is a current Steelers great). He also asked if we could go to a baseball game "adin." I guess that means he liked it.

P.S. Thanks, Shelley, for joining the fun!

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