Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bald-faced Mel-isms

This was an unexpectedly busy weekend, with some nice surprises. I'm still sorting it all out, so I'll write about that soon but not yet. Meantime, I'll just drop some bombs from the top of my head.

• I feel more and more certain that at least 65% of the general population of children in the United States could benefit from a sound beating. At least once, daily. Yes, even the smaller kids. If the sampling of the child population is located in a comfortable suburb and filled with kids who have no real needs (other than discipline and a chance to achieve boredom), then that percentage rises to at least 85%.

• I can hardly read the newspaper anymore without becoming livid. (We gave up MSM network television years ago, partly for that same reason.) Why are so many people dancing around the obvious? This Hasan guy in Fort Hood was an extremist working within our own ranks. He was the enemy on the inside. He should have been watched and researched and removed from duty. He spoke up against his own troops, for the bombers, vocalized his support, spoke the language of terrorists. Why is our so-called leader not naming this act as it was? Oh, that's right. He probably funded the jerk. Or received funding from him. Or prayed with him, or bowed with him, or discussed the most efficient means of takeover. Covertly, from a position in which you are snugly nestled amidst the enemy. Sound familiar?

• Why do we hear so much more about extremism in Islam than we do about extremists in other religions? Especially outwardly directed extremism? Every religious group has radicals, but so few of them do as much major damage to unbelievers as the extreme Muslims. I'm certain the media is not ignoring related instances, since they so eagerly embrace anything that helps to whitewash the current crazies. I just figure it must not be happening, or it's kept inside the tribe. Either way, I feel like that's a whole lot better than the subtle and not-so-subtle wars against us that we're witnessing these days.

• On a much happier note, I am honestly amazed nearly every day that my son is mine. He delights me. He is such a special kid that I can't believe I hatched him, nor that we're blessed enough to have him with us.

• I cannot believe how being forced to do something you love starts to make that beloved task feel like work. Cooking, tidying, planning the shopping. All of them fine, even fun—until I must perform them, in a restricted period of time. Then? Work.

• My husband, family, and friends are far sneakier than I ever imagined. And, I'm sad to report, I am far more gullible than suspected.

• I think for the most part that wedding registries are stupid. I believe they are left over from a bygone era when people got married and then moved from their parents' homes into a home together without most household possessions. It just ain't happenin' that way anymore, folks. Not happy to say it, but there it is.

• I have to keep readjusting my definition of old, because I keep on attaining the pre-adjusted definition.

• My husband has this way, when he's asked how he's doing, to reply with the words, "Better than I deserve." And many times, it has kind of irked me for reasons I can't really express. However? Some days, like today? I think I know what he means.

• My church is not perfect. Yet, it's doing a lot of things right. I must be more thankful for that body of believers.

• I am going to try really hard to be more positive and hopeful. And to trust completely that God's got it covered.

Well wishes to yinz,


Anonymous said...

Whats so bad about a wedding registry? Whats wrong with listing the stuff you need as opposed to getting 5 crockpots? I will never understand your aversion to registries. I would think with your "no waste" thing, you'd think it was great. People want to get you something you want/need...

Mel said...

I just knew that would draw a comment from you, Anon.

I can see it more for baby showers, for a first baby.

To each his/her own, I guess.

Cari Skuse said...

I would like to say that you can add many adults into the "needs a sound beating" category.
I agree with the registry thing. Do you really need all that china? No one bought me stuff off my registry anyhow.
How you doin' Miss?

Athelas63 said...

I agree with the idea of the registry for the most part. VERY few people move from parents house to married house anymore. Most live on their own or together. It seems silly to bustle about making lists of things that you don't really need because you already have the stuff you DO need, LOL. I guess it's a nice way for people to get cool stuff they wouldn't pay for otherwise!

As for the beatings - Hear hear! Frequent, enthusiastic beatings. For 90% of the children and 75% of the adults. I am firmly convinced that 90% of ADHD is really lack of discipline and could be cured with a good whack. Same for at least 50% of Depression. Straighten up, for God's sake!

chris h. said...

I for one am looking forward to hearing about the weekend's nice surprises... But as for wedding registries -- I laugh a lot when I read them, but usually try to pick out something reasonable from the list. (Typically not the $150 place setting.)I agree, though, baby registries are a good thing...

Mel said...

hey all!

Cari--I'm "better than I deserve!" (tee hee hee), thanks for asking. and you? and boyz?

OK, so if I switch careers at this point in my life, where do I apply for the position of Beatings Administerer? (I realize that administerer is not a word, but what would the title be?) I most certainly want the job. could I expand the role and also ticket very inept parking lot car parkers?

hear, hear on abolishing silly expensive china that is never pulled from the china cabinet! I'd hope people use it at least on holidays. I break all our regular glasses, so china was out of the question. Corelle all the way, baby!

Anonymous said...

so register for Corelle...people are going to buy you a gift anyways...