Thursday, November 12, 2009

She's a grand old flag

I finally made it to a parade in our fair city.

The best parade of all.

Only patriotic songs burst forth from the bands, heroes were abundant, and our lovely flag flew with pride and joy from nearly every available paw and perch. It was honestly inspiring. ROTC kids, men, and women in uniform, plus a bevy of older veterans from every recent war of note marched one after the other. Some of the most frail rode in cars, a trolley, a DUK, and even on buses. We clapped for one and all.

My only question is this: why doesn't this parade draw as many as the sports championships parades?

Those parades are fun too, I'm absolutely certain. Yet, I'm a tad ashamed of our definition of hero sometimes.

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Facie :-) said...

I never thought of it that way. I too have never been to the Vet's parade. I was just going to write that it was because I always worked, yet I worked for the two Steeler championship parades and still found myself there. We really do have some screwed up priorities.

But as I have written before, sports gives us something to unite us with strangers. Sports often help us to forget about the ills of the world, even if just for a few hours, so we can focus on winning (or a championship). When I was at the Steelers parade this past winter, I felt, in a way, that everyone there was my comrade. No one was upset or sad about anything. Reminders of war are sad. But we need them.

God bless America.