Monday, February 7, 2011

The S A D day

"We came here to win the football game and we didn’t do that."

We know that football is a game that's played by mortal men,
And that to go to Dallas in itself was quite a feat.
We know our team will reach that final bowl game once again,
And yes, we understand that sometimes games will bring defeat.

And if we had to lose, well, Green Bay Packers are quite good—
And Rodgers, glad to say, resembles Brady not a bit.
He's got a cannon for an arm, and does the things he should;
That Packers team plays fair and well—they surely never quit.

And yet, it makes no difference, viewed through stinging, sullen eyes;
Our hearts are weighty things filled with regret for our mistakes.
We were so close, we reached for that Lombardi in the skies
Then saw it, firmly held by those in green who live by lakes.

Thanks to our team for all the thrills, a season filled with fun.
The ride was good, my friends, but watch that last step—then, it's done.


Facie said...

If the Steelers had not won two SBs in the past six years, I would be a lot more depressed. I was actually feeling just fine when I went to bed last night, seeing the bright side. But when I woke up in the middle of the night, I remembered the Steelers had lost, and I felt sad, I hate to say.

Now at least I can fully focus on hockey season! :-)

Athelas63 said...

Good poem! And I guess I'm the only one in the area not surprised. The Pack has been playing like madmen recently, while the Black and Gold haven't played an entire 60 minutes for quite some time. So.... And you are SO right - all is well so long as Mr. Male Model Brady is sitting on his ass at home watching OTHER teams play!!!

Mel said...

facie, yes, those two recent wins softened the blow a teensy bit. go Pens! and thanks, athelas (re: poem attempt)--I wasn't shocked that we lost. as certain as I was we would go to the bowl, that's how uncertain I was about the outcome of the actual game.

too bad, pretty-boy-Tom! go condition your hair! (evil laughter)