Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm a fool

A painting fool, that is. It's my only escape from winter! Doesn't this little feathered pal make you think of spring?

It's in the Etsy shop; I plan to make blank note cards out of it, also—maybe early next week, after the Steelers victory.

Soak up the sun while you can, and look for beauty in the little things around you today. See what you can find to help calm and soothe you when the air is nippy and your mood is chippy!

P.S. "That boy sure is a runnin' fool!" Can you name that movie?!


Anonymous said...

forrest gump? Sooo many good quotes from that movie. Sometimes there just arent enough rocks...

Mel said...

pretty good, anon.--that is, indeed, the source of my fool quote.

remember when young Forrest is running away from the bullies?

right after Jenny advises him to "run, Forrest, run!" he takes off and speeds past fields, streams, and some old guys sitting outside a of whom comments about him being a runnin' fool.

Kim Glodowski said...

So cute!

Mel said...

thank you, Kim G!