Thursday, November 29, 2012

Odd correlations

So, I took a little tumble Saturday night, while enjoying an evening walk with my little boy... Had the stitches removed earlier today, and I'm looking forward to some dental work on Monday and Tuesday...

Yeah. Stinks. More details to come at a later date, after I've emerged on the other side of the horror.

Anyway. It reminds me of our car. Let me explain.

Our last automobile purchase was a big, old, green station wagon. We found the machine on craigslist, took it for a spin, and bought it on the spot. It's not perfect, but it's reliable, American-made (hence, less expensive repairs), and we can haul reasonable amounts of stuff in it.

But it was an older woman's car, a widow. She'd bought it when her husband was still alive. They shared it, drove it to nearby locations, did the grocery shopping with it, etc. Then he died, and she kept the car and continued to use it to get around... But it's a big car. Long. Ungainly. She had an incident with the side of the garage. And then, she had another incident. Her kids repaired the first one, but after that, the marks didn't seem to be such a big deal.

When the car came to us, it still sported the dents and dings from the last Missus. We planned to fix them, but we'd bought it right before a trip to the beach; we drove it with dings intact, and began to wonder en route if perhaps our less-than-perfect appearance made other drivers steer clear of us. Did we seem to be reckless? Unconcerned? Because this forest green beast showed such evidence of past run-ins, did people give us a slightly wider berth as they passed?

It seemed that they did. And I know that I am a much more bold driver with a "beater" than I am when my car is flawless.

So we left the dings and dents alone. And then, since we already had the old attempted bumper repair with slightly un-matching paint, had the scratches on the doors, it seemed pointless and unnecessary to keep the wagon washed. I mean, what was the point, really? You could barely tell it was clean anyway. Polished? Pshaw. It just didn't happen. It's not going to. I suppose we've grown fond of the freedom that imperfect (dare I say unattractive?) provides.

Oddly, having a singularly messed up, hideous countenance has had a freeing effect on my efforts to make myself look my best. My ragged, until-recently stitched together face? My bruised skin? The jagged tooth issues? They're sort of like the points of impact on the green car: No makeup is required for now. What's the point? No one will notice because they'll be looking at me surreptitiously, wondering if my husband beats me or whether I stumbled drunkenly into a pole or something. They won't even notice if I skip eye shadow or lip color.

In truth, no one was really looking before. Now, if they're looking, it's only because they can't help themselves and they're morbidly curious. Either way, I'm definitely off the hook.

All the same, I'll hold onto my war paint. This, too, shall pass—and I do still have a husband and son to consider.

Prayers are welcome. Lots of healing prayers. Thanks.


Cari Skuse said...

Oh geez, Miss, that really stinks! I hate when I do something like that. And now you have to get fixed up. Ugh. The mortification that comes with falling down...
I know what you mean about the makeup. I don't think I really look any better with it on now. I do try but I really don't see a difference.
I will send you healing thoughts if you do the same for me. I am having my knee operated on next week for a torn meniscus. I hate getting old!

Mel said...

Hey Cari, it does stink. Mucho stinko. Re: healing thoughts and prayers, consider it done for your knee. I hope it goes better than expected. : )

Facie said...

Yikes! I hope you emerge from the horror soon.

My car has two cracks in the windshield. I like to think that would scare people away from breaking into my car (not that there would be much for them to get).

Hang in there!

Mel said...

Thanks, Facie. I think by mid-week next week, I should be quite close to normal. At least in physical appearance.

chris h. said...

Big OUCH Mel! Sorry to hear of the mishap and hope the healing is speedy. And as one who owns a new car (with all the worries of keeping it pristine) and a much-loved soon-to-be 9-year-old second-hand car, I can say I feel much more comfortable and capable (somehow) in the latter, my old Sub.