Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The kid, and the kids, have got game

You'll hopefully be relieved to know that our boy had his stitches removed earlier this week, and his behemoth gash is healing nicely and now looks like any old pink, new-skinned scratch. You'd never know that his muscle tissue and grey matter were hanging out of that fissure just over a week ago. Isn't skin amazing? Especially young, healthy skin. Yeah, I'm sure we just got that cool, self-rebuilding skin cell setup by accident. Millions of years of lifeless goo somehow gave way to, oh I don't know, living flesh and bone? That makes itself, then heals itself? Yeah. Sure.

Anyway, he's on the mend. He's over it. (I'm almost over it. Can you pass me those aspirin?)

This will have to be quick, because I ended up with a temp assignment that began today, continues tomorrow, and will likely spill into most of next week—which means I don't have time to blog or paint or think of creative, healthy meals or get up off my fat can instead of sitting in front of a computer monitor for hours on end. It's money, yes...but I'd forgotten how much happier I am when I can move around freely. Sitting still makes Mel a dull girl.

The big decision at this point is this: do we dare to get up at the crack of dawn and venture into the Strip District on Saturday morning? I know I'll be glad if I make myself do it, because Penn Avenue the day before a Steelers playoff game is an experience that simply cannot be duplicated anywhere else. That said, however, it will involve early hours, biting cold, parking difficulties, crowds (which make me uneasy anymore), and the dragging along of a squirmy little kid with a huge scar on his face.

Of COURSE we'll be there. Silly. I was just teasing you. The real decision is whether to go this Saturday, or to just wait until the day preceding the Super Bowl. Because you know we're headed there, don't you. You can feel it in the air. You can smell it, like something burning.

I've got a feeling
Pittsburgh's going to the SU-PER BOWL!

Thanks for checking in!


Athelas63 said...

Glad the kid is on the mend. And totally gotcha on the nastiness of spending time working on OTHER people's stuff, LOL.

Is the Strip really that cool before a game? Should Gunny and I give it a try? What time is best?

Want a fun Steelers vid? Check out

Mel said...

yes, other people's stuff... why does it pay so much better than my own?!

the Strip before a game is priceless. that said: don't bother going if you're not there by 8:30 or so. OR, go whenever and plan to park about a mile away unless you luck out. but you're guaranteed to be treated to "Here We Go" blasting full-volume on the street--and if you join in singing, someone is likely to sing with you. you can barely walk down sidewalk, even the street vendors who hardly speak English will sport black and gold, so as to better take advantage of our 'Burgh sentimentality. everyone will be sporting their best gear, smiles all around, lines outside every restaurant, buskers playing The Steelers Polka and such... you get the idea. it has a vibe. a good one. friendly. like a big bear-hug from a person who squeezes you to the point of almost taking your breath... but doesn't take your breath.

saw the vid--not a Gaga fan, but a nice rendition of it nonetheless.