Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yeah, BayBeeeeee

Just in case you didn't already know—

The Steelers are heading south to fight it out for #7!

Hey, we still have some fingers left, right? There are still games to be won.

Nice job, fellas. Impressive work. A true team effort. And the season's not over yet!


Facie said...

"Hey, we still have some fingers left, right?"

I like that. But I still find myself singing the "This is the year we'll get that one for the thumb" line, you know, cause it took like two and a half decades to actually get it! :-)

chris h. said...

I said "yeah baby" about 20 times yesterday...(also a few things not fit for print). It's just so darn exciting to be a Steelers fan in Pittsburgh with a Super Bowl (victory!) approaching. Also, kind of psyched that Packers coach Mike McCarthy is from Greenfield. So even if by some hideous twist of fate we would lose, it would still be a partial win.

Mel said...

yes, that one for the thumb was a long time coming.

and yep, I might have muttered some unprintable words myself while I watched that game...

did not know the Packers coach was a local! cool.