Saturday, September 29, 2007

Portrait of an artist

You’ve always wanted to paint a picture, right?

Yes, you!!! Why not? The colors, the canvas, and you the artist with brush in hand, poised before a masterpiece in the making—isn’t that a lovely vision?

Well, now you can make that vision a reality. Yours truly (Mel herself) will be teaching painting (assuming I get any students) at the Michaels store on McKnight Road. There are a couple of classes scheduled for October, and more to come. Still life, anyone? How about a portrait of your kitty or pup?

I’m really looking forward to it. If you know anyone who’s ever expressed an interest, feel free to spread the word/forward this blog/call the store and get that person a "scholarship" as a nice gift. Printed schedules with dates and times are available at that store, or you can always contact me directly and I’ll give you the skinny.

(And yes, that is my latest still life pictured within this entry.)

P.S. Marcus attended his first Pirates baseball game last evening; a friend took some photos, and if/when they come my way I will share them. I think he enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Nice picture!
I want to see te pics of Marcus. Did you go too? The kids and John are going tonight.

Mel said...

thanks (comment re: pic). I did go--and I don't have the photos yet or I would put one up. hopefully my gal pal will send 'em along today or tomorrow. : )

it was fun, the weather was just perfect, our seats were great... only the team was lacking. too bad.

Erica De Angelis said...

You go, sister! You're the perfect person for the job.