Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Another loss

I don't normally post more than once per day, but a tribute was in order and I didn't want to wait:

What is the worth of one devoted dog?
A dog that started life as princess pup,
Then dropped in status with each newborn child—
And ended up the 8th in line. But still,
Was faithful, patient, loving, never nipped,
Gave special care to kids who needed it,
And never asked for more than biscuits, or
A comfy guest bed on which she could rest.
A dog like that? A rare and wondrous friend.

Rest in peace, dear Kena. You’ve been a member of my sister’s family; thank you for your years of service and companionship.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was really nice. :*(

Mel said...

she was a good ol' dog. she deserved at least a nod.

Anonymous said...

So true. It's as if she waited for the new puppy to arrive and settle in and then knew she could 'pass the torch'. She'll be missed.

Mel said...

my sentiments exactly, athelas. she was smart enough to have worked it out like that.