Thursday, April 3, 2008

A few working observations

Some freelance work came my way recently, which was a nice change of pace. Actually earning money for work is also nice (wink, wink). It reminded me how much I miss defined assignments, and schedules, and paychecks…and it also reminded me how spoiled I have become.

Suddenly, I had to really plan every commitment. I had to skip an activity to meet the deadline. I had to hurry to the computer as soon as the kid was sleeping so I could get busy. One day was rather lovely, and I couldn’t go outside to drink it in. I worked for an hour and, for the first time in a long time, I experienced that old shoulder stiffness and soreness that used to be part of my daily existence. I wondered why my backside ached and why I felt so sluggish, then recalled that I’d sat on that body part for far longer than normal.

I was newly aware of the joys of a more flexible schedule. I was newly short of breath at the thought of sinking back into the life-sucking world of The Office. I was newly cognizant that a huge number of people spend their days sitting and frowning at a pretty little box, arms poised awkwardly and painfully before them, fingers hovering over a little tray of numbers and letters.

I remembered, again, how odd is this world we’ve created for ourselves, where physical suffering and injury is often caused not by hard labor, but by lack of it.

That’s all for now.


Facie said...

Your post made me want to sing the praises for another reason why I am still at Camelot--flexible hours. I typically arrive at work between 8:30 and 10 a.m. (okay, I don't think I have been to work at 8:30 more than once in six months). I don't know how I can/will ever go back to a job where I need to be sure I arrive at the same time. So in that respect, I am spoiled in my own right.

Good luck with the freelance gig. Hope you at least got to enjoy the wonderful weather we have had the past couple days.

Mel said...

yep, I hear ya--flex time was always a plus, and something I dearly missed when I left it for a less Camelot-ish space.

finished the freelance late last week--so yup, got outside some. loved it today. : ) hope you did, too.