Friday, July 18, 2008

Vocabulary lesson from Marcus

Here are some of my son's favorite utterances:

Ambulinx-this is the vehicle that transports injured or very ill people.

Hopsipple-this is the place where the ambulinx takes you.

Gocery market-this is a store where you purchase food.

Tomato bug-otherwise known as a potato bug, these are the little gray critters that roll into a ball when you harass them.

Aminal-if you have to “aks” me what this means, I’ll be forced to explain what “metathesis” is.

Whynchoobee-a combination of separate words, broken down as “why don’t you be…” which is my son’s way of cuing my lines when we play make-believe.

Here’s a new word that I just learned: mondegreen. It means a word or phrase that results from a mishearing of something said or sung. That isn’t at all what I’d think it meant; it just doesn’t sound like that kind of word. Alas, I am not the dictionary dictator, so the definition will stand.

My least favorite word has remained the same for many years: phlegm. Now THAT is a word that fits its definition perfectly, don’t you think? It even sounds disgusting.

See you around.

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