Tuesday, September 16, 2008


This morning? It was much like any morn.
The boy and I, we ate our breakfast meal,
But something new was brewing on this day:
We dressed in nicer clothes, put on our shoes
And hurried out en route to a small school.
The place was bustling—squirmy kids, moms, dads,
And each one headed straight up to the door.
My sweetest boy and I walked hand in hand,
His steps uncertain, brave, determined, and—
A teacher saw us there, called him by name,
Applied a sticker to his little shirt,
And gently took his hand away from mine.
I called to him, “Your photo, don’t forget!”
He took the picture from me, one last look—
Then turned, climbed up the stairs, and went inside.

I swallowed back a big lump in my throat,
And made the long walk to the empty car.

1 comment:

Facie said...

Aw, that is the hardest. Hope you are doing okay. I cried the first time I dropped Jordan off at preschool. She was fine; I could not believe it since it was something so new (though she had been in at-home daycare, so that helped, I am sure).

Probably almost every kid does well, even the ones who cry and are clingy, eventually. But it sounds as if Marcus took it in stride. How exciting for both of you!