Monday, March 9, 2009

Mad as h*!l

At the risk of sounding like a broken record—or worse, someone else's broken record—I will still speak about what's on my heart: Rage.

Wanna join me? If not, go to a happy website like this and have a blast.

If so, go here and watch this video about the credit crisis.

Then go here to listen to a voice of reason in an insane world.

Then make a telephone call (or more than one!) about the $410 billion spending bill that's already passed in the House. Start with Specter (R-PA) at 866-960-8136.

Lastly, stockpile some food, lots of water, and self-defense methods—and pray ceaselessly for God to become our country's focus once again.

When I can write a more positive post, I'll be back. Looking forward to it. Hope it's soon.


Mel said...

hey--I just called Specter. got to talk to a live human being (NOT Arlen) and left a detailed message asking that he not support this latest spendulus effort, but let society takes its necessary knocks and rise on its own without additional socialist govt. intervention instead. AS IT WILL. originality, creativity, ingenuity, and general betterment of society and those in it can ONLY happen when we permit the cream of the crop to rise and produce and grow instead of taking what they earn to equalize everyone. even Jesus knew: "The poor will always be with you..." we're to help them as a people, not as a government. and we're not to repeatedly bail out those who do not help themselves in spite of an ability to do so.

I hope you'll call, speak truth, speak up, and trust that when we are obedient, trusting, and respectful toward our Creator, only then will we flourish as humans. not as consumers--as humans.

Anonymous said...

You are my hero. You go girl!