Monday, August 30, 2010

Why are my eyes stinging?

Surely you must know that this breaks my heart.

Into sharp fragments.

That keep poking me on the inside of my chest.

Let us speak of it no more.


Cari Skuse said...

Aw, Miss, it will be okay.

You'll be pleased with how he does and that he'll love school. I know it doesn't make it any easier that your little guy is growing up.

Here, my kids have been counting down the days with glee! I am sad to not see them all day, but they grow so much and love going. Although it's almost like we've been in school since the end of July with football practice 5x a week.

Mel said...

Thanks, Cari. It was a bit easier today because, as you guessed, he loved it and had a good time. I am glad your guys still feel that way, too. The house seems so quiet, though. Even running errands yesterday felt wrong and empty. I'll get used to it, I know. {: )

Athelas63 said...

Just the first of many times you'll have to send him off, watch him walk away alone, and feel like dying. One time of many that you'll have to clench your teeth, swallow down the lump in your throat and assure him he'll do fine. Part of the job.

Mel said...

Update: Thankfully, the kid really likes kindergarten. Thinks the bus is fun. Enjoys going. Our only hiccup happened yesterday morning, when he asked with acuity, "Mom, why does school have to be every day?" Wish I knew. I ask the same thing about jobs, my boy.