Monday, October 18, 2010

Dragging out some oldies

Hey folks (all two of you who actually read this), I rediscovered some old pre-blog entries that I'd written. I'm going to be posting a few of them. I'll search beforehand and try to ascertain that they're not already posted on Melmoirs, but if I miss one and you've already seen it long ago, please forgive. I'm trying to get them all on here so I can clean up my computer--and possibly do a "self-publish" someday of several blog themes. Thanks for checking in!


geewits said...

I noticed you were wondering where magazine man will be working. I've been reading his blog for eons and happen to know his name. He may not want me to say the company where he is going straight out, but I can give you some clues just for fun. I think he'd appreciate that.
1. It's a monthly
2. Since you mentioned your new toilet seat, I can say that you could lay three issues side by side neatly on the top of most toilet tanks with no overhang.
3. It's a variety magazine with drama, news, and humor. That's a good mix because sometimes after the drama and the news, humor can be the best medicine. ;)
I like your blog. The story about leaving your son reminded me of the day I took my daughter to school.

Mel said...

hi geewits! thanks for the mysterious clues... I'll be pondering all day, as I have not yet come up with a good guess... I had actually visited your blog a few times (from MM's) and remembered you were from Texas and had a fondness for beer (it is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy, yes? in the words of Benny Franklin?)

thanks for stopping by--visit anytime. and yes, any form of sending your little child out into the world is a tearful experience, isn't it? I just put my little guy on the bus this year and it was tough, but he loves it. : )