Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blog lite

Watching the television coverage from Japan lately has certainly helped me kick my self-pity habit.

Those poor people.

I'm not emotionally ready to grasp what is happening there, let alone to write about it. So, I'm offering a "lite" blog entry, a la Cute Overload.

I present to you baby varmints. Groundhogs, to be exact. I know that in a few months those very same darling beasts will be trying to break into Todd's garden, gnawing at every tender new vegetable they can reach.

But for now, gazing at their small fuzziness, I can forgive all the damage to come.

Meantime, I hope you'll join me in praying for the people of Japan. I cannot imagine the devastation, to structures and roadways, families and co-workers. They need our prayers. And our support and assistance.


chris h. said...

You know I am no fan of the hogs, but this is darn adorable. I won't be surprised if a similar evil little family is biding its time under our shed. I've seen tracks...

Facie said...

Did you take this picture? What kind of camera? (Not that whatever you would say would mean anything to me or I would do anything with that info; I just feel as if I must ask!) So cute, indeed. You must stare at this pic whenever they start their destruction.

Mel said...

I did not take the pic, Facie. I found it on the internet when I was looking for something else completely different, and could not simply move on. I had to find a way to share it with others b/c it just captured me. And yes, I plan to stare at it frequently. They, like all other living creatures, do not stay nearly this cute when big.