Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The future of Melmoirs

When I began blogging in 2007, I was in the company of about 1800 people in the Pittsburgh area alone. I just checked a few minutes ago, and if people are telling the truth about their locations, then Pittsburgh and vicinity is now host to over 25,000 bloggers. Yikes. I'm wondering if blogging has turned the corner and become just another form of social-media self-promotion. (There are some folks who believe it didn't have to turn the corner to achieve that low.)

Joining the world of social media was never my goal when I started Melmoirs.

What was the goal? I suppose it was a challenge to myself. Did I really have that much to say? Was it worthy of recording? of sharing with others? And could I be disciplined enough to do it on a regular basis even amidst life's sometimes hectic pace? The answer has turned out to be yes, on all fronts. Yet now, as I look back, I wonder if I could have written a single, cohesive work within the hours I spent on Melmoirs. I believe I could have done that, or could have at least crafted a draft of some larger work in that time. Which is not to say that the blog hasn't served as a great writing format, and an excellent way for me to record thoughts and experiences during the first few years of my son's life. I am so thankful that I've kept this journal of sorts, and filled it with precious moments and glimpses into these first few years with our sweet boy.

I'm just not sure what direction the blog should take at this point, if any. And we—my family and I—are entering what I suspect will be an unpredictable time of upheaval; the plan to look for new digs and sell our home is no longer just an idea, but an imminent event (Lord willin' and our house sells), an event that's likely not too far in the future.

So, I'll be taking a break from the blog for a few weeks. Now begins a waiting period, to see whether I miss the blog, or whether I feel slight relief for the hiatus. I'll also be trying to focus my attention on a "real book" attempt that I began some time ago and then laid aside, to be picked up again when I had time... and so it goes. I must make time. The time will not come to me, nor the will, unless I am deliberately committed to the goal.

If you're a recent reader, I urge you to visit older entries. If you're a follower, simply remain one and you'll know if/when a "Melmoirs comeback" happens. I'll certainly be back at some point soon with and update and hopefully exciting news. Thank you, sincerely, for ever stopping by and actually reading what I've had to say over the months and years. I hope you stick around. This isn't goodbye by any means; I'm far too verbose to promise that!


chris h. said...

Good luck on all fronts, Mel! (I'd miss Melmoirs if it went away for good :-(

Mel said...

Thanks, Chris! I already miss it a bit--I just want to be certain that I have substantive things to offer up.. and to make sure that I'm not frittering away any opportunities to complete a more traditional book. Stay tuned!

Facie said...

I am sure for the vast majority it is self-promotion. Otherwise, why not just hide your blog or give access to only certain people?

I like to think writing a blog has made me a better writer. I now realize when something is not cohesive or just does not sound good, but I refuse to make my blog a masterpiece, so I am perfectly willing to post a post that is just meh.

And I too love that I have these recordings. Since my blog has a lot of rants, I have been able to go back and find out exactly when I had a bad customer service experience or when something I had went kaput. And fortunately I have captured some good Jordan moments (which was the original, but failed, intent of my blog)!

I will miss Melmoirs. I hope you come back before too long, since this is pretty much our only connection anymore!