Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Married to Mr. Rogers

I love Mr. Rogers. I grew up with him in our living room, and then he came back to visit regularly when my son was very small. He's a gem, that Mr. Rogers, a real national treasure.

He's actually an ordained Presbyterian minister who chose to share God's unconditional love through the medium of television. Mr. Rogers' gentle affirmations, exaggerated character voices, and deceptively simple musical compositions live in the minds of countless people in this country and well beyond.

He's awesome.

But I never thought I'd connect him to my marriage.

And then my husband bought these shoes.
I like the shoes a lot. They closely resemble a pair of my own shoes. And a pair of my son's shoes, as well. They're the ultimate spring and early summer footwear: comfortable, casual but not sloppy, fun without being too faddish. I am actually the one who found them in the store and recommended them to my hus.

I didn't realize how much this particular look connotes Fred Rogers' style until I began to trip over these canvas beauties around my own home. Each time I spy them under a dresser or tossed aside by the back door, laces wandering loosely, I think of Mr. Rogers. I have half a mind to find a cardigan sweater of some woodland color, perhaps a vintage style with wide blocks of vertical color on the front, and present it to my guy for Father's Day.

Would you be mine? Could you be mine? Won't you be my husband?


Anonymous said...

Too funny!! You must get him a zip cardigan in maroon, some fish to feed, and a traffic light decoration for your house. :) And you can be Lady Elaine bwahahaha

Mel said...

oh my--we actually HAD the fake stoplight (lit up and everything) for the kid's old room decor... I sold it to someone else, though. I do, however, still have the stoplight painting I did when he was tiny...

Lady Elaine, eh? implying something about my nose? although she did have the coolest dwelling, if I remember correctly... and always was hosting some event.

Anonymous said...

She ran the museum go round or something? Sounds like something you'd enjoy.
btw are you going to the Phipps India thing? I want to go.