Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Whole lot of nuthin'

January brings, for me, a volley of emotions, among them an immense sense of relief. Holidays have passed, normalcy may resume, a blessed routine rears its dull head again. Ahhhh. Welcome back, normal. I missed you.

But another post-Christmas emotion, in my world, would be ennui. Suddenly, the blurry flurry of fuss is all past us. (I heard an awesome quote recently: "Nothing is over like Christmas." So true.)

And I oscillate between resenting the boredom (likely because of a predominant and foolish human tendency to seek excitement), and thanking God for the boredom because it represents a lack of drama in my circle of life—a lack for which I am increasingly appreciative in my old age. Drama enters the room, and all sorts of things come sweeping in with him: upsetting situations involving life or death, important decisions that must be made, urgent needs that demand attention, frightening scenes, emotionally charged responses from self and others... No, thank you. Too much of that is downright exhausting, and I prefer it in small, irregular doses. Not that life always gives us a choice, of course.

For today, though, I'll breathe; I'll look at the sunshine outside, and smile upon the perfectly manageable calendar. Bring on the boredom.


Cari Skuse said...

I'm with you! Keep the drama to a minimum. If only I could. Had too much drama with the tween this morning...
Anyway, how's the book so far? I've been reading a lot right now and and another great book I just read was "Unglued" by Lysa TerKeurst. It was awesome and showed me how to change my reaction to things. It was perfectly me! I got my copy at Family Christian BS with the 30% off coupon, but it may be hard to find it in stock. It seems they have been selling a lot there recently (at least in my store).
Have an awesome day!

Mel said...

I finished the book, Cari--BUT read it too close to Christmas so planning to read it again when I am truly able to absorb its awesomeness. I also sat thru it all thinking, I should do what she did! (the list) But have I begun? NO. I have an empty journal all ready, though... I have a copy of A Million Miles in a Thousand Years to give you--any chance of meeting soon? {: )