Thursday, December 13, 2007

And more Christmas thoughts…

In every culture, there are certain questions that, while sometimes petty, are effective in grouping people according to type. For example, Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello? Dogs or cats? Coffee or tea?

And, then there’s this defining query: giant blow-up themed figures on your property, or none?

We opt for none. We are slowly, it seems, becoming the minority. I’m surprised daily by the proliferation of these monstrosities in and around our neighborhood. And the subjects depicted are becoming more odd every year. First it was simply the occasional snowman, and then the phenomenon began creeping into other seasons; I saw colossal football players glaring out of air-filled faces, behemoth jack-o-lanterns, the occasional puffy witch’s backside emerging from trees or such, even Winnie the Pooh and Piglet riding in a sleigh pulled by hapless Eeyore…

Christmas remains the most decorated season, though, when it comes to big blow-ups that you can’t miss. The Santas are beginning to look a bit less scary as the designs are refined, and more friendly facial features are added. And yet, you can’t escape the obvious: these are enormous, silly creatures that eat up yard space, glow eerily, and are buffeted by every breeze that passes.

Perhaps the old city neighborhoods are the worst for carrying these displays overboard. There was one home in Bellevue that elicited chuckles and head-shaking from Todd and me each time we passed—the entire roof was covered with several blow-ups. A stupendous Hines Ward crouched atop the brick 3-story, and he was positioned next to some reindeer, which were standing by a huge turkey. And one home in Avalon, a place with a tiny front yard, chose to fill their entire 10 x 12 grassy area with these wintry eyesores; I dreamed many times of sneaking there at night, surreptitiously turning each character so that it was peering creepily into the first-floor windows of the home, and then staking out a spot next door in hopes of spotting the frightened dweller the next morning as he looked out and realized he was under surveillance by the giants. (No, I never actually did it.)

So, which are you? Is your yard sporting some of these guys, or not? Are you thinking about it? Eyeing them up and waiting until after-season clearance so you can join the ranks of folks who embrace the blow-up nation? Or have you already planted them in front of your home?


Cari Skuse said...

All right, Miss. I must admit I have one if these in our front yard. It's not a large one (Santa and a reindeer in a snowglobe). I got it last year at Target on super after-Christmas clearance. I'm not sure that I really like it because it has to be on ALL the time or the "snow" won't work! I liked the light-up Santa and sleigh on netting we had last year, but sadly, it broke from the cold last year.
That is all we have in the yard (we have a large front yard) but I do have white lights and lighted snowflakes on the front porch.
I did see something very cool the other day in someone's yard. A VERY large manger scene. It was very beautiful.

Mel said...

Hi Cari! You crack me up.

Everyone can do as they wish on their own property. And having one blow-up thingie isn't the same as having an entire roof full or crowding a tiny yard with them.

And, in truth, we need some more festivity here at our home, I admit. I'll let you all know if we fall prey to the blow-ups anytime soon. ; )