Thursday, January 22, 2009

That big ol' fancy inauguration

Wasn’t it pretty? And so touching? All those starry-eyed people, screaming and chanting for their favorite superstar? I mean, their new president?

There were highlights—I was fortunate enough to catch one of those: the beautiful musical quartet that performed “Simple Gifts.” What an amazing gift that truly was, sandwiched among so many ceremonial displays and double-speak. I guess I did get tearful, after all, during all the hoopla.

I don’t mean to be such a cynic. I don’t want to be that way. Honestly, I didn’t watch much of the day’s events; when I did, the thing that blew me away was the sheer number of humans who’d flooded that great city just to be there for such a monumental day.

But now the new guy’s moved in, and he’s signing liberal papers so fast that the ink isn’t yet dry before the order’s been hurried off his desk. Abortion rights and funds increased, prisons closed… (Hey, did you buy a firearm yet, or ammo that isn’t numbered?) If Great Britain is any indication of where we’re headed, then Sharia law is coming soon (see here),
and also here). We can even look for the food police (see here).

I wonder what the future holds for our country. I will be praying for this new administration, of course—we’re instructed to do that, even if/especially when we don’t agree with everything they do. I urge you to do the same. Go here if you need some starters.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mel. You often say what I am thinking.

Mel said...

hey Chris--great minds... eh? tee hee. thanks. it comforts me a bit, knowing I am not the only one with some serious misgivings.

Facie said...

We had the whole thing playing on a big screen at work. A coworker remarked, "I wonder if McCain won, if we would have had that going." (I think the answer is no, since one of the bosses is a big BHO guy.)

I am glad that I watched it, and I too enjoyed the music. A few people at work clapped when it was official. I was the only one who clapped when W was acknowledged. Whatcha gonna do.

I have read some bantering about the cost of the whole affair, and of course the left said taxpayers did not pay for it and that it cost less than W's. That may be true, but in a time like this, I think we all should be thinking more, not less, no matter who is footing the bill.

Mel said...

hmmmmm. I wonder which of the bosses loves BO? I'll bet I can guess...

I didn't clap. But I didn't clap for W either. I don't even think I watched W's, either of 'em. no offense to him--I wouldn't have watched any of BO's either except I was home here while it happened.

found out that the music I loved was actually recorded a couple days earlier at a rehearsal--but I don't care. I'd rather hear it in tune and lovely than made discordant by the 33-degree temp. : )