Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comic relief

It’s hard to stay serious for too long when you hang out with a 4-year-old. Thank goodness. : )

You know you have a young boy in the house when Easter baskets, eggs, and bunnies emerge for the season and are summarily recruited for service in the EHL (Easter Hockey League). That’s what happened here a couple days ago.

Todd dug around in the attic until he uncovered the box of Easter goodies, and we pulled out the baskets, paper grass, plastic eggs, and multiple stuffed rabbits from post-Easter sales of yore. Some last-minute searching in the garage uncovered even more fun finds, including the tiny stuffed Peep Bunny and his buddy Beanie Polka-dot Peep Chick. In a matter of minutes, Marcus had discovered that the pastel eggs went flying when whacked with a hand, which in turn led to his “assisting” the bunnies (that’s proper hockey terminology, right?) as they whacked the eggs around the room. Further investigation revealed that the best pucks were comprised of slightly larger eggs that housed smaller ones inside (apparently, the added weight created more velocity, not the mention that the doubled eggs made a satisfying smacking sound as they impacted furniture, walls, etc.)

And that, my friends, is what you see in these photographs: stuffed Easter critters playing egg hockey (and a small duck sporting a football-turned-hockey helmet.) The blue bunny was exceptionally skilled at slapshots, but Peep Chick was a more-than-talented goalie. It was quite a start to the whole bunny season.

A season which, thankfully, is not about bunnies at all, but about our savior.

Now, get out there and fight! Fight! Fight!!!


Michelle said...

Wow! I have a reader! Even once. Awesome. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, Masthead is great -- such a storyteller!

I'm going to enjoy meeting you through your writing! God bless as you discover what it is He is leading you to.

Mel said...

thanks for your encouragement, Michelle! and yes, I'll enjoy getting to know you better too.

also--side note to all: I thought about it after posting this, and I was concerned that I made it sound as if only boys would initiate EHL activities. I'm sure girls are just as likely to do so! I just don't have any little girls around my house. hope I didn't come off as sexist. {: )

Athelas63 said...

It's not sexist to admit the truth. MOST girls would NOT initiate Easter Hockey. They might dress the puck up in a bonnet, tho, LOL!

Mel said...

Athelas, did you mean the "puck" in a bonnet, or the duck in a bonnet? b/c I am picturing a puck in a bonnet and cracking up!

Athelas63 said...

No no, I meant PUCK, as in small, round, black chunk of rubber. Just as boys will turn bunnies into hockey players, girls will turn hockey PUCKS into fashionistas! It is the way of things.