Friday, January 1, 2010

Resolutions? We don't need no stinkin' resolutions

Hey, everyone, my resolution for 2010 is to be a slacker blogger. As evidenced by my lack of presence here lately.

Okay, that's not really my resolution.

My real resolution is to learn to use power tools. Even just one power tool. A nail gun, an electric screwdriver, a Dremel for cryin' out loud. Anything. I must conquer my fear of power tools, thus enabling me to be a better fixer-upper without always having to consult the power-tool-operating member of my team (husband). Yes, it'll be tough, and nerve-wracking (for him as well), and somebody might get hurt. But I think it's time. I'm 40 now; it's not going to get any easier. And it's either this, or learn to ski, or take another geometry class. And those last two? Not happening.

My other resolution is to stop apologizing for being a loner. It's part of my system of religious beliefs to be social (I think I've already touched on that point in other posts—and if I kept a tidier blog, I could probably locate them...but I don't, so I can't). So, I'll try to cultivate a love of social behaviors and occasions. But truly? Deep down? I can be a bit misanthropic. It's who I am. I need to stop being sorry that I'm not a "people" person. I like people, like spending time with some of them, even find a few of them to be delightful and inspiring. But they tire me; they make me weary. In the end, the only thing that really fuels me is time alone. Especially time spent creating things: paintings, necklaces, meals, a tidy and organized room. That's what gets me going. I'm not sorry, and I'm not going to pretend any longer that I am. All of us can't be talented athletes, all of us can't be mathematicians, all of us can't be model-gorgeous, and all of us can't be social butterflies. Imagine how annoying a world of social butterflies would be. Who would keep things going while all those chatty kathies* were busy networking? The misanthropes, that's who. I mean, we're all necessary cogs in the big wheel. But that's my point: we're all necessary. Even the loners.

So there you have it. It would seem that I do, indeed, have some stinkin' resolutions. What are yours? Go ahead, spill 'em. I'd love to hear!

* I by no means meant to imply that only girls are chatty. I've met quite a few male butterflies in my many years, too.


Facie said...

Well, as you will see from my post from yesterday, I, once again, have no resolutions, just things I SHOULD resolve to do (again, except for the job part).

I am glad you will stop apologizing for not being a people person. Look at the much more productive things you do instead! And just NY's Eve I was feeling bad b/c I did not get to see a slew of people over the break. Does it really matter?

Good luck with the power tools. I should resolve to understand computers better (beyond blogging and Facebook). That would help me get a better job, no doubt.

Athelas63 said...

I'm not a big resolution person. I could say I'm going to exercise, but I already do that. I could say I'm going to spend less money, but I probably won't (it's pretty tight as it is!) I guess I should try to work on being more grateful for all that I have. I can get whiny and it's not good. Yep - that's it - less whining.

Mel said...

Facie, I definitely need to learn more about understanding computers. It just seems like time wasted since they keep changing things so quickly... but best wishes to you. And Athelas, that's a good one (not being whiny, but being appreciative) that we could probably all adopt. Even when I'm proud of myself for not complaining out loud, the internal whining is deafening... I might borrow that one as needed...