Friday, February 18, 2011

Good thing I seized the brushes

Thankfully, I did seize the brushes yesterday, and accomplished two painting tasks: finishing this robin painting, and slapping a couple of coats of green paint on a newly acquired (gently used) bench to extend seating at our dining table. It's a good thing I took care of these jobs when I could, because I'm accomplishing nothing today: Marcus came home from school with a flush in his cheeks, and it morphed overnight into a croupy cough. He's home with me, feeling well enough to want to do all the fun things that healthy kids do, but he doesn't sound great, so I'm trying to squelch his activities as much as possible. Not easy on a breezy, spring-like afternoon.

I'm an artist but not a painter; the bench looks terrible, on not-so-close inspection. If you visit us? Please don't check it too carefully. It's slightly better than the stark white coat it recently wore, BUT...

I'm a bit happier with the robin (Robbie). He's for sale at my shop. Next week, I hope to turn him and his sparrow friend into note cards. Stay tuned!

And yes, the lovely sun and less-than-frigid temps are just a ruse; don't fall for it. Keep the boots and salt handy, but rest assured—soon, we'll be seeing much more of my pal Robbie.


Facie said...

Love Robbie. Beautiful. I wish I could spend a day with you and have your artistic, organized, disciplined, cooking nature rub off on me (maybe via osmosis?!).

Hope the boy feels better. What rotten timing.

Mel said...

Thanks, Facie! You can come spend a day! Sadly, though, the things I have found most likely to rub off on me are negativity and bad attitudes... why are THOSE so contagious?! ; )

Yes, I hope the kid feels better too--he's not really bad, but he's not right, either. And that cough. Ugh.

Stay well.