Sunday, July 3, 2011

America, America

Hey, All you nice people! All two or three of you who actually read this!

I want to wish you a delightful Independence Day. If you are American, then hopefully you'll recognize this adorable little Lego scene. I must give credit to Carl's Jr. (a restaurant chain that apparently is not popular where I am? since I never heard of them?) but they did the honors. In homage to the many Legos littering my world, courtesy of my sweet boy, I'll allow our favorite building blocks to depict one of America's finest moments.

There were many. There are many still to come. I hope you'll take some time to ponder some of those moments that shaped our country in the next 48 hours. I also hope that if you are American, you'll proudly display a flag on or near your residence.

If you want to feel concern for America's future, as I do, perhaps you'll watch this:

If Blogger is being stupid and the link is not showing up, then copy/paste this:

The vid is courtesy of my sis. Thanks, sis!

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Facie said...

Cute pic. Hope your fourth was nice.

I will watch the video now, anticipating that it will probably take me out of my happy place. No, the link did not work, but I am sure copy/past will!