Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Of couches and husbands

I had a friend years ago, newly married, who took it personally and injuriously that her husband fell asleep on the couch every night instead of coming to their bed in an intentional and timely fashion. Perhaps she was right to be concerned, as their marriage dissolved years ago... But anyway, when she told me this, I can recall thinking that I might be annoyed, too. Not because I'd take it to heart or feel slighted, but because the latecomer would disrupt my own already-sought-and-achieved slumber. Thoughtless.

And I was right. Because guess what? My own dear husband suffers from this same disease. Not on a daily basis, mind you, but often enough that it does affect my own slumber sometimes. He knows that falling asleep prematurely, outside of bed, negatively impacts his restful sleep patterns and causes him to toss and turn (yep, more disruption for me). We both know that research supports our findings, with sleep studies that show over and over how sleep is adversely affected by such behaviors. And he is fully aware that the minute he reclines on that inviting piece of furniture, and allows his eyes to flutter, he is a goner for sure. He knows all this. Yet, some evenings, in spite of my dire warnings and predictions, he persists in lying prone on the dastardly sofa and even covering himself with an assortment of fuzzy blankets. What the heck?! I guess I am a bit militant about such things, but honestly, once a pattern is established, and once everyone involved agrees it is not a healthy pattern and needs to be changed and/or avoided, I cannot comprehend a person's willingness to continue the pattern!

Am I crazy? Is it just a handful of husbands, or are they all this weak-willed when it comes to a cushiony divan in the dim of twilight?


Mel said...

and THIS (previous comment) is exactly why I prefer to moderate comments. sigh.

alas. it's too much of a pain when we're still having computer/version/operating system issues at our house. I apologize for any spam-like non-comments. (I only hope none of them are perverse...)

Cari Skuse said...

Oh my.
Are you sure that T and M are not the same person or somehow in cahoots with each other? I must say that M has made a big effort to stop this behavior.
Try to carve out some time for another get-together?

(I think there is a way to remove comments on blogger...)

chris h. said...

It is the same at my house! Not a fan of that habit either, but it is so ingrained, I don't expect it to end.

Facie said...

Brian does not sleep well, so if he can catch some zzz's that way, well, I guess it is okay. Of course, one might argue (which you pretty much did!) that he should skip the naps and hope their absence would make sleep come more easily.

I got a chuckle out of picturing Todd under a fuzzy pink blanket. Not that you said pink, but that is what I pictured! :-)

Mel said...

OK, I am feeling better knowing that it's not just my guy who does this.

Cari, let's look mid-Feb. (and yes, you're right--I can delete the comment. I've done it before...)

Facie, I am cracking up b/c believe it or not, I actually have a big, fuzzy, coral-colored (men would call it pink) throw in the living room. and yes, T was under it recently, a big, sleepy, pinkish blob. so your image was right on. ; )