Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fuzzy curiosity

I finished a painting yesterday, working from a photo we had taken when we visited an alpaca farm last year. I had been wanting to tackle this one for awhile, and finally got to it—such fun. The best part was that the weather cooperated during the painting sessions, so that I was able to work "plein air" all three times I painted.

It's for sale in my Etsy shop.

Our baseball game for this morning was just cancelled a few minutes ago; rain, and more rain expected. Oh, well. Guess we'll whip up some pancakes with our unexpected calm morning at home. If you needed rain, I hope you got some. Enjoy the weekend!


Facie said...

How is your etsy shop doing? Your paintings are so beautiful. Maybe teaching an art class is in your future?

And, yes, happy for the rain and lower temps. It was so hot this week. I felt bad for the kids at J's school--no AC, plus recess was a bear in the blazing sun and high humidity. I welcome the respite.

Mel said...

hey--yes, the rain is welcome. can't stand that humidity, esp. this late in the season when we've had too much of it. my boy's school is the same, no A/C, so I took ice water to the bus stop every day to meet him. maybe it'll cool down now. and thanks for the kind words re: paintings! I am selling one here or there... everyone keeps telling me to "social media" blitz my shop, but I can't stand social media... what to do, what to do.