Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mental gristle

Not a pretty picture, that subject line. Yet, that is what I feel I can offer to you today: Some thick, tough matters to chew on in your mind.

In a surprisingly helpful, public-minded move, Google's home page today is featuring a link to a voter registration URL. Are you currently registered? Are you certain? The deadline is coming up in the next week or two. If you've moved recently and have not yet updated your driver's license, then you are not registered in your new location—thus rendering you unable to cast a vote. Now, if you'd moved here illegally from across the border? That probably wouldn't be a problem...

On Saturday, I took my son to get his hair cut. He sat very still and looked so cute afterward that I treated him to a bagel at Panera. We sat at a table, inhaling the wonderful aromas, enjoying our buttery, bread-y delight, and we couldn't help noticing the older gentleman next to us. His posture was amazingly upright. When we we leaving, we stopped to tell him that we'd been admiring his posture. The fellow explained that he'd spent time in the military, and good posture had been ingrained in him then. The kind, obviously blind fellow then informed me that he admired my beauty. (No, I'm not kidding.) I burst out laughing, and reminded the poor guy that there were many more beautiful sights all around him; the restaurant was practically crawling with lovely young things. We walked out the door, and I experienced a revelation: Every charming old, white-haired man you see was potentially a girl-crazy, inappropriate pervert. I'll never know what those elegant elders were like when they were young, unrestrained upstarts.

It gives you pause, doesn't it?

We made yet another purchase from craigslist recently—a loft bed for my son's tiny bedroom. (I keep trying to make space in my life where there truly is none.) But my one-ness with craigslist and all things scrounged and secondhand often makes me think that my epitaph should read, "She knew how to make do." Perhaps it will. I could put that in my will.

Which, by the way, needs to be updated. One of the witnesses to our will died a few years ago, and although my lawyer friend says it will hold water anyway, I feel funny about it. Plus, it needs to be notarized to be really tight; we didn't do that because in Pennsylvania, technically the notarization isn't necessary. But.

Even if we don't touch the will, my husband and I both need to appoint each other as Power of Attorney. Did you know that isn't an automatic thing? This is important stuff, people. Do you have your affairs in order? I won't even go into the whole living will, although that's strongly recommended as well.

Better to address these things, right now, than to risk the fraught-with-disaster alternative—someone else addressing them when you're either gone from this earth or not able to do so for yourself.

See what I mean? Mental gristle. I wasn't kidding.

NOTE: I just noticed this is post #400. Wow! Hurray for me!


Facie said...

I don't even want to tell you about the state of my will as I am pretty sure you chided me about it when I wrote a post about it something like a year ago (probably longer).

It will be interesting to see what happens in PA with the voter ID thing. Hopefully people will have taken the proper measures. I am betting that it is going to be a heavy news/social media day for that reason as much as it will be because it is a presidential election.

mel said...

Facie, I got a mailer today (it was one of those generalized big postcard mailers) reminding me that ID is required for voting, and that if I didn't have a driver's license I can get a photo ID for free at the Driver License Center. (If I have a week to stand in line, that is...) (just kidding. not really.)

Never too late to get thing in order, as long as you're this side of the ground and thinking clearly about it! : )

chris h. said...

Oh Mel, I read the elder gentleman's comment and didn't think "pervert," I though "how sweet." He sounded a bit gallant and wanting to return a compliment (but I wasn't there and if he was creepy, then UGH). When we were at the airport the other day I got chided by a worker for leaving our baggage for a couple minutes to stand in line with Mike. I apologized and he said something about my "winning smile" making it alright. That made me smile even more. You ARE beautiful -- take the compliment, sweetie! (And I LOVE the "she knew how to make do" epitaph -- amen, sister.)

Mel said...

thanks, Chris. I have to admit that all compliments honestly make me suspicious. sad, I know. not sure why. insecurity and paranoia in unhealthy amounts, I suppose. the old fellow was not creepy at all, he was sweet. but he had white hair and moved slowly and was not threatening at all. if he'd been my age and I knew he could outrun me and/or over-power me? might've been a bit creepy.