Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Autumn—the big flirt

Yet another finished painting! I feel so prolific. (It's available in my Etsy shop.)

I've been painting more than usual lately, probably because I'm trying to pull myself out of the doldrums. Why doldrums, you ask? Because it's fall.

I find autumn to be depressing. I know some people love this time of year, but I think I hate it a little bit more than I love it. The incredible skies, the crispy leaves, the aromas of earth and dried green things and occasional wood smoke, the promise of—


That's the only thing that's promised to me in all this last-gasping beauty: Cold, dead winter.

See? I told you it was depressing. It's like that handsome, older boy I once knew; he'd smile at me and the sun would shine brighter on my day, and then I'd see him later with his date and he'd pretend not to know me. All stunning, dazzling bluster, with a chilly finish. That is autumn to me.

Still... It's here. I'll keep painting outside for as long as I can, and will breathe in all that fabulousness for as long as it's available. After all, I'm only down in the dumps—I'm not foolish.


Facie said...

Fall has long been my favorite season, but this year I feel different. I was so sad when summer ended, and I still feel longing for and regret about its ending at times.

But, as usual, another beautiful painting. :-)

Mel said...

Yeah, I'm mourning summer big-time. Not the sweat-fest that was most of June, but the nice days we had. Thanks for kind words about painting. Although, I should probably take up running, like you--a healthier hobby for certain!