Monday, March 4, 2013

Dog days of winter

The last two commissions I've painted have been dogs, beloved pets. (I forgot to post this one—it's been with its proper owner for a week or two now.) Shown here is my interpretation of a much-loved, now deceased collie named Petey.

I just finished the more recent pup yesterday, but the client hasn't seen it yet, so I'll keep it to myself until it's safely in her paws—I mean, in her hands.

If anyone out there wants a custom pet painting, I'm your girl! Just let me know. People surely do adore their fuzzy companions.


Facie said...

When I read your post title from my blog, I was hoping there was going to be a picture of a dog. Glad you did not disappoint. :-)

I knew that was Petey right away, but the pic made me think of and subsequently miss Sam (if I met Petey, it was only once).

Our Sadie is 11.5. When she is no longer with us, which I hope is not for quite some time, you can bet I will be contacting you. You know how talented I think you are!

Mel said...

Aw, Sadie would be a lovely painting--such a pretty face she has! I hope she's around for many more years. : )

Lynnette said...

Aw, sweet Petey! You're so talented!

Mel said...

Hi, Lynnie! Glad you like it. He was a sweet dog.