Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Buzz, buzz

Ah, temperatures in the 90s—they prompt unscheduled ice cream breaks, more water consumption, horrific laziness, mole-like huddling in air-conditioned spaces, and serious haircuts.

Like the one shown here.

It’s on my kid’s head. We cut his hair just two days ago, and already I have found many occasions to rub his head, kiss it, pat it, etc. To have a little buzzed human head in your presence is delightful. I notice I’m not the only one; others want to rub his buzzy head, too. It’s irresistible.

And I spend minutes just studying the shape of a human skull. I do this with all buzzed, shaved, or bald heads. The human head is a strange, beautiful thing to behold. You know that underneath the exposed skin, there’s that massive, heavy bone structure to protect the incredible computer within. And yet, a shorn or hairless head seems so vulnerable, especially when viewed from behind. Those two little tendons you can see in the neck, the bumpy skin, the suddenly obvious flaws or scars or birthmarks, the little whorls of hair growth, the surface reminiscent of that on a distant planet. It’s fascinating.

I didn’t want to cut my boy’s hair this year, was getting way too attached to his pretty blonde locks. But the heat forced my hand, and I’m so glad it did. It reminded me to appreciate this overlooked and underappreciated orb.

Now you all really think I’m a freak, don’t you. It’s okay. You suspected as much.

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