Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peaches just past their prime

I waited a day too long--when I'd finally dragged out the easel, I had to arrange these fellas to hide the spots where they were starting to turn. We sliced 'em up later that night and had a bite.

I wondered as I nibbled and wiped peach juice from my chin... would I enjoy painting as much if it were my vocation instead of avocation? What if I suddenly had to do it every day? Is the mere act of accepting compensation for an activity sufficient to strip the activity of its joy?

I still enjoy blogging/writing. But if I had to do it? For pay?



Anonymous said...

I am so with you, Mel. I often thought it would be fun to bake as a living -- but day after day? Pie after pie? I'd probably grow to hate it. I know I'd love writing more if it wasn't my job. (That's why blogging is so fun -- my terms, my time, my way.)

Although, I don't think I'd get tired of gardening...planting gardens for people sounds like fun.

Mel said...

yeah, I thought about that too... had a dream for awhile to be the next soup nazi, have a soup shop, etc. but 'twas merely a pipe dream, alas.

now the gardening, you can have--I enjoy a tiny bit of it but it is TOO MUCH WORK! sweating through an aching back never makes me smile--and I've never come to fully appreciate the dirt manicure. but I hate wearing gloves too.

Kathleen Cahalan said...

Here's the answer to simplifying garden growing: the Earthbox. I have had 100% success using these ingenious containers to grow all sorts of veggies. The yield is fantastic and the taste of my veggies is far superior to the grocery store fare. Go to Earthbox[dot] com to learn more. Seriously. I have not bogarted this blog to advertise a silly product. It's me, Kathleen! And I love my Earthboxes. I am growing tomatoes, green peppers, red peppers, hot peppers and broccoli this year! This method is fun and it's foolproof!

Mel said...

BEAN! What's up?! I think I've heard about that earthbox thingie. I'll check it out. We have some success here but anything that makes it easier and increases yield is beautiful!!!

Hope you are well! You look great in your little pic!!

Anonymous said...

Oh -- I'm so glad I checked this thread. I was just saying to Mike how I couldn't get into doing all the work for a veggie garden (plus we don't have the room), but this Earthbox sounds just right. I just want a "salsa garden" -- tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro...yum. I'll look into it for next year for sure.